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What is the difference between colocation and the public cloud? It’s all about the way the data is stored and managed. If you collocate, your business has physical assets. You set up your own servers, storage and network elements. Your privately-owned servers and networking equipment are housed in a third-party data center. You rent only the space you need in a colocation data center.


Key elements to consider when migrating assets to a colocation center:


  • You’re using a shared facility, , which is a lower cost than building your own data center. Power, cooling, communication and data center floor space are all shared with other tenants.

  • You retain full control over your equipment. Just like in house installations.

  • Flexibility - insufficient existing data centers can be augmented by using space in a colocation facility verses building a new independent space.

  • Increased access to higher levels of lower cost bandwidth compared to traditional office server rooms.

  • Higher reliability. Greater protection from power outages with numerous data backups in place and lower-latency networking options.

  • Higher security including CCTV monitoring, private suites, fire detection, and suppression systems.

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