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Dark Fiber

Leasing unused potential network capacity of a telecommunication infrastructure, or Dark Fiber, used to reside solely in the realm of leases from network service providers to extremely large enterprise scale businesses. Today, nimble regional, national, and international businesses are seeing the potential for locking in capacity for future potential growth by allocating dark networks.


Data applications for banks and FinTech businesses, gaming, edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Block Chain, and Artificial Intelligence needs are exponentially increasing capacity needs for IT networks. Dark Fiber is now a viable option to allocate future growth capacity while conserving capital budgets.


Some technical advantages of Dark Fiber include: extreme service flexibility and scalability, performance enhancement, and controllable budgeting with bandwidth increases.


It’s now easier than ever to use the same type of technology that major carriers use to manage and scale their network with ease. Complete a free quote request here and DataCenters America will provide a custom solution that fits the unique connectivity requirements of your business. 

We offer:

Internet Service  |  SD-WAN  |  MPLS  |  Private Line

Network Management  |  Network Storage

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